Checking In: 2015 Savings Goals

WHOA, it’s been a while. Bad, bad writer. While it isn’t commendable that I’ve taken such a long break from writing here, the reason is positive: I’ve been swamped these […]

How My Taxes Landed Me in Debt

It’s tax season, which means most procrastinators are in a panic as they try to prepare their taxes at the last minute. I always dread this time of year for two reasons: […]

My 2015 Savings Goals 1

In the spirit of writing down my financial goals for the year, I’m serving up a steaming helping of savings objectives for 2015. It’s taken me a while to nail […]

How I Paid Off $8,000 of Debt in 8 Months

As I mentioned in my previous post, my mountain of debt was more akin to a molehill when compared to the five- and six-figure amounts plaguing other personal finance bloggers. However, […]

My Debt Story

I suppose it’s time to share my shameful tale. While many bloggers in the personal finance community have horrific stories of mounting student loan debt, terrible accidents that force them […]

Let Me Introduce Myself…

Howdy, ya’ll. I’m finally getting around to setting up another of these here blog things after years of writing for other people. I’ve obviously done this whole blogging thing before. So […]