Let Me Introduce Myself…

Howdy, ya’ll.

I’m finally getting around to setting up another of these here blog things after years of writing for other people.

I’ve obviously done this whole blogging thing before. So what topics do I intend to address in the abyss known as the Interwebz?

I’m currently in a personal (and professional) period of transition. Less than a month ago, I took a major geographical leap and moved to Toronto after spending 4.5 years in the rainy city of Vancouver.


Toronto: Not so bad, is it?



I needed a change of scenery, both literally and figuratively. And now I spend my days freelance hustling as a writer, editor and social media marketer while hunting for more steady income.

While I’m on the hunt for full-time employment, I’ll also be writing about my personal finance journey. I experienced a financial awakening early last year, and I transformed my finances. I plan to recount my story thus far, my victories and my stumbles.

Stay tuned for updates on my job hunt, my debt story, budgets, and all the typical Type A planning that makes my tiny OCD heart flutter with joy.


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